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Garages converted into homes amid Bristol housing crisis

The two former garages in Easton are now properties. Photo: ITV News

Landlords have been accused of exploiting Bristol's housing crisis after garages in the city are being converted into properties.

Two garages on Chelsea Road in Easton have been turned into houses, but the family living there say they are happy.

It comes as more than 11,500 people are on the housing register in Bristol.

Residents Mustafa and Ans, who live with their mother Munazzah, say it's a bit unique.

"It is really nice and it's kind of like an exciting place to live, because its all new and I've unpacked everything - and its really peaceful at night as well. The windows on the roof so like, you can see the sky at night and I think it's so good. It feels very different and, I tell my friends at school and they're like wow, it's a bit unique."

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However neighbours are quick to point out the flaws, claiming it's dangerous.

"None of the local residents that I've spoken to are happy - I think everyone feels its unfair to ask people to live who choose to live next to a railway line at the back of the garden. I think a lot of people just think well shall I turn my shed into a home? I feel really sorry for the people who've moved in - I don't want to see them turfed out either now that they're there - but I think consideration should've been given to that by the council."

Bristol City Council is deciding whether to grant the land owner at Chelsea Mews a Lawful Development Certificate - which will determine if the tenants can stay.

The owner's say they have no comment to make at this time.