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Tiny fox cub rescued from dog in Clevedon

Marion the fox cub is thriving thanks to round-the-clock care at the wildlife rescue centre. Credit: Secret World

A fox cub that was rescued from a dog is recovering at a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset.

The cub, named Marion, is being given round-the-clock care by staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill. A member of the public took the fox cub to a vets after it was found by her dog in a garden in Clevedon, Somerset. She was about one week old and her eyes were not yet open.

She was taken to Secret World and has begun to make progress, building up her strength thanks to the charity's animal carers.

Dan Bryant bottle-feeding a very tiny Marion. Credit: Secret World

Two weeks on she’s making great progress. Her eyes have just opened and she is feeding well, enthusiastically guzzling the milk from the bottle and making contented squeaks.

Marion is quite a late baby. We usually see fox cubs born around March, so to have one in April is unusual.

The cub will continue to be bottle-fed until she puts on a bit more weight. Once off the bottle, she will be then fed with meat and milk until she is strong enough to feed by herself.

We’ll then assess her and decide what the next step will be.

– Dan Bryant, Animal carer
These young fox cubs were rescued at the beginning of April. Credit: Secret World

The centre is already caring for a number of foxes but they are older than Marion and it's not yet decided if she will join them.