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Golden future for Golden Hind?

The Golden Hind replica has finally been sold. Credit: ITV West Country

A rare replica of Sir Francis Drake’s historic Golden Hind ship has finally been sold to a local businessman.

The full-size replica of the famous 16th-century galleon is one of only two in the world. It was built in 1988 to replace a ship used in the 1960s TV series, Sir Francis Drake, which sank in rough seas.

It is now a major tourist attraction and educational centre in Brixham Harbour that draws many thousands of visitors every year. But the ship was put on the market by its owner Neil Worrell, after the death of his wife and business partner, Jackie Robinson in January 2017. He made it a condition of sale that the Golden Hind remains on display at Brixham.

After failing to sell at its original price of £400,000, it then went up for auction in April 2018 at a guide price of £200,000 which it failed to meet.

Sean Twomey, the owner of Torquay International Backpackers, wasn't able to get financial backing in time for the auction, but has come up with the money and will, as promised, keep the popular galleon at the Devon port.

It was a golden opportunity. It could never come up again and it's an amazing business. We fell in love with the place.

It's run as a successful business at the moment. We'll carry on with that. We have a coupld of extra tangents that we're going to look at - maybe children's birthday parties. My son Jude can't wait to have his seventh birthday here. Maybe murder mystery evenings and we'll maybe extend the season a bit.

– Sean Twomey, New owner
Does the Golden Hind now have a golden future? Credit: ADPR