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Family's aerosol warning after daughter dies from inhaling deodorant

Jess Anderson died after inhaling aerosol spray from a can of deodorant. Photo: ITV News

A family from Gloucester whose daughter, 12, died after inhaling aerosol spray from a can of deodorant have launched a campaign to warn other children and parents about the danger.

Jess Anderson was discovered unconscious in her bedroom by her twin brother Tom in November 2017. But despite the frantic efforts of her mother and paramedics to revive her, she was pronounced dead.

Jess's mother Teresa Herbert, 48, wants to get the word out about the very real dangers of aerosol abuse.

"There are plenty of parents out there that have no idea that this is happening. We need to promote awareness to parents, young people and children, because I certainly did not have a clue or idea what was happening. Tom was literally saying only the other day that this should not have happened to Jess, but we didn't know what was going"

Credit: Family

Teresa and Tom are now working with Jess's old school, The Severn Vale School, to set up The Jessi Trust.

The Trust aims to promote awareness of solvent and substance abuse to young people, as well as providing workshops for their parents and guardians to help identify the signs of misuse.

The Trust will also be there to advise concerned parents or guardians on what to do.

It is also seeking to change the law by adding deodorant aerosols onto the list of substances not to be sold to under-18s, as current legislation on this is unclear.