Bridgwater woman determined not to let early onset dementia stop her adventures

Credit: Avril Staunton

A Bridgwater woman, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her 50s, says she's determined not to be defined by it.

Avril Staunton and her husband Michael are going against the standard medical advice of creating a routine to manage the condition - instead living an active life which even included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro recently.

Avril and Michael Staunton Credit: ITV West Country

Avril is one of an estimated 42,000 people in the UK with what's known as 'young-onset dementia'. Despite both being doctors, she and her husband Michael refuse to accept the standard advice believing Avril's active lifestyle helps her health.

Since her diagnosis Avril has given talks on how to support people with dementia and her unique treatment of her own condition continues next year with a trek to Machu Pichu in South America.

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