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Woman caught on camera flytipping in the Chew Valley

The woman was caught on camera by a farmer who says he's had a problem with flytippers. Photo: ITV West Country

A woman has been caught on camera flytipping in the Chew Valley in Somerset.

A farmer recorded her dumping rubbish from the back of her car onto his land on his wildlife camera.

19-year-old Joe Tucker, from Temple Cloud, is one of many farmers in the region who believe flytipping has become a real problem.

He posted the pictures to raise awareness.

  • What to do when someone dumps rubbish on your property

The council and the Environment Agency will investigate rubbish dumped on private land, but with conditions.

The Environment Agency:

  • investigates rubbish dumped on private land that is "larger than a tipper load"
  • bigger than a shipping container or a minimum of 20 tonnes of waste for its teams to get involved.
  • investigates waste that is hazardous or linked to organised crime.

The council:

  • will take away loads but for a fee
  • will take some bulkier waste items, but have several restrictions
  • need as much information as possible including, if anyone witnessed the fly-tipping, the date and time it took place and a description of any vehicles involved, the land type, e.g. privately owned, highway verge, back alleyway etc and type of waste, e.g. solid, liquid or gas and how it may harm people, animals or the environment.

Bear in mind that different councils have different rules and rates.

If you the load you encounter doesn't fall in either category, you can be creative. Some people have sold what they've found online or on auction, making hundreds of pounds.

It's important to report any fly-tipping here: