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Beaver caught on camera by plant hire company

A visiting beaver brightened the day for a Devon plant hire company. Credit: C Plant Services Ltd

One of a new colony of beavers has been spotted at a plant hire firm in Devon. The animals are being reintroduced after being hunted to extinction 400 years ago.

A breeding population has settled on the River Otter and its tributaries. There are now 27 beavers thriving there, in six family groups.

It is one of these animals that has become the centre of attention at C Plant Services Ltd in Honiton. The river is very close to their office and, in a rare moment, the beaver was out and about in daylight. Fortunately staff had a mobile phone camera to hand.

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Devon Wildlife Trust has a licence from the government to monitor the River Otter beavers and the impacts of their activity - and to introduce more beavers to the catchment - until 2020.

Credit: C Plant Services Ltd