Seals under threat from plastics in the South West waters

Credit: Cornwall Seal Group

Cornwall has the highest rate of seal entanglement anywhere in the world.

Already this year more than 20 seals have been badly injured after being caught up in plastic off the South West coast.

In the last year alone more than 10 tonnes of rubbish has been collected from Cornwall's beaches.

It's thought around a fifth of that plastic comes from the fishing industry but the vast majority in the sea is from people leaving bottles and packets on the beach - or from rubbish escaping bins and landfill.

Kylie Pentelow been to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and in this special report highlights the damage plastic is causing our coastline.

Find out more about how the seals are released back into the wild.

As part of World Ocean Day, the UK Government has announced an additional 14 protected marine zones around the South West coastline.