Rare mural hidden for years as residents 'didn't like it'

A rare mural by Robert Lenkiewicz has been uncovered in a building used by Age UK.

A rare mural by the late Plymouth artist Robert Lenkiewicz has been uncovered after more than 35 years. The brightly coloured wall painting was hidden in a building used by Age UK - and was covered up because residents apparently didn't like it.

Staff from Age UK Plymouth say this rare work by Robert Lenkiewicz proved too bold for some of the older people they used to care for here, before the charity moved elsewhere in the city.

It's called a dance to the music of time - and is said to represent older people shaking off physical restrictions and becoming free spirits.

It's not typical of his style.

Anna Navas is a Trustee of the Lenkiewicz Foundation and says he worked in lots of different styles.

Reuben Lenkiewicz is campaigning to restore this mural in the Barbican

It's not the only Lenkiewicz mural making headlines. Robert's son Reuben is currently campaigning to restore this huge mural in the Barbican which is slowly crumbling.

Will what's being called 'the hidden mural' fare better? The building is owned by Plymouth Community Homes and is currently empty. But fans of Lenkiewicz hope whoever takes it on this time likes the mural enough to keep it on show.