Filton could be the best 'value for money' for Bristol's arena

The report commissioned by the council suggests wider economic benefits for Filton. Credit: Bristol City Council

In the latest development of the long-running Bristol Arena saga, reports by consulting firm KPMG have suggested building the venue in Filton rather than next to Bristol Temple Meads station would help the council provide more affordable housing and develop a diverse economy.

Former Mayor George Ferguson has warned that building an arena away from the city centre would have dire consequences for the local economy and amount to a betrayal of the people of Bristol.

The reports - commissioned by Bristol City Council - show more support for a Filton-based arena built by the construction firm YTL. The arena at the Brabazon Hangar would cost tax payers nothing - but £50m of public funding would need to be found for improving the road network and other infrastructure.

YTL also plans to redevelop the wider area - aiming to provide 2,675 new homes, a retail centre and public services such as three new schools.

The arena is thought to cost around £156 million - that is £33 million more than the board had expected.

The reports also suggest that the ‘Arena Island’ site near Temple Meads would also be likely to bring in more jobs and money to Bristol if used for other purposes such as a conference centre and housing.

Illustration of what the YTL arena could look like at the Brabazon hangars at Filton. Credit: YTL

The reports conclude that, although it would cost less to build an arena at Filton, alternative plans are at "a very early stage".

The results will now be scrutinised by councillors on 18 June, before a Cabinet meeting on 3 July 2018.