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Jamie Oliver wants more done after record obesity figures revealed

Record numbers of children in Devon and Cornwall are leaving primary school clinically obese.

New figures show Torbay has the highest rate of obesity among year 6 pupils at almost 19%. It's thought across our region 19 and a half thousand 10 and 11 year olds are dangerously overweight.

The Government's long awaited Childhood Obesity strategy is expected within the next 2 weeks

Whether it's savoury snacks or sweet treats on offer, it's difficult to avoid the temptation - and the value of unhealthy foods.

Whether it's parents, schools, shops, or the government - Jamie Oliver thinks more must be done.

"What we're really fighting for is to try and just make it easier to get it right and that is everything from school dinners, free school lunches, food education, local initiatives like the food foundation in Cornwall, it's about having access to cheaper fresh foods, about controlling some of the stuff we know is making us ill, sugary drinks tax which we know is working and all of that money goes to British primary schools for sports and breakfast clubs, so we can fix this in our lifetime."

– Jamie Oliver

Cornwall Food Foundation are on a mission to change people's lives through food.

Among other initiatives, they run cookery courses for people who are out of work. They learn about nutrition, budgeting and growing food whilst also making friends.

"I think it's fundamental that people are engaged in eating well and being well I think there's a real need for it particularly in Cornwall where we see lots of people with ill health, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, more people are coming to us asking for more courses, how to engage in community programmes so we want to support them to access friendships, partners to work with food and inspire them to have better health."

– Rachael Anderson, Cornwall Food Foundation

The Foundation, and Jamie Oliver, hope that by learning more about the food we eat now, we can try and lead healthier, longer lives into the future.