Teenager on the road to recovery from locked-in syndrome

At 13, Miranda Meldrum was a talented singer and promising pupil when she had a rare and catastrophic brain haemorrhage that nearly killed her.

She was at home with her mother in Bradford-on-Avon in April 2017 when she suffered severe headaches and loss of hearing. Her mum took her straight to hospital. She also had a cardiac arrest.

The teenager had locked-in syndrome where her mind, as sharp as ever, was left imprisoned in a paralysed body. But she has been recovering slowly and steadily and amazing her doctors at Bristol Children's Hospital and her family as her brain relearned to do the actions she could once do easily.

We filmed Miranda learning how to communicate again in September 2017. Credit: ITV West Country

When ITV News visited her in September 2017 she was learning to communicate by sign language. While we were with her she managed to spell out her name on her keyboard device. Every advance a victory.

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Nine months on and 14-year-old Miranda is still astounding her carers - her natural speech is improving and also her movement. She has been using dance as a means of physiotherapy.

Miranda is dancing her way to recovery. Credit: ITV West Country

Her mother says she is making improvements daily.

Her consultant thinks Miranda's miraculous recovery may have something to do with her youth.

Miranda still has a long way to go - she told ITV News there were two things that motivated her.

Miranda is looking forward to seeing her cats again. Credit: Family

Miranda's home needs modifications if she is to make the move permanently. The family has set up a fundraising page to help pay for the alterations and equipment.