Pug walk raises funds for rescue charity

Pug dogs have been making their mark here in England for more than 400 years, and now they've become one of the most popular pet breeds - but some pugs are not so fortunate.

A group of pug lovers have got together in the Cotswolds to stage a walk in aid of a charity which helps re-home the dogs.

Funny faces - every one of these pugs is loved, unlike those rescued by the charity. Credit: ITV West Country

The organisation MuffinPug Rescue was started to help those dogs who were not so loved. It's named after Muffin, the first dog it rescued. It would be hard to find a pet that had a worse start in life.

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The owners and their pets have been taking part in a special Muffinpug Bandana Walk, to raise funds for the rescue organisation.

They all say that once you've owned a pug, you'll love them for life.

Muffinpug is set up to save pugs and pug crosses in need. It is aimed at ending the suffering of animals being exploited or neglected. It will also find new homes for rescue pugs with what it calls its network of Fairy PugMothers and Fathers across the UK.