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World cup week weather for the West Country

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Planning a barbecue for the football world cup matches? It's going to be a week of two halves weather-wise.

It will start off cloudy and humid but come Thursday, the sunshine will come on as a substitute. It will also be cooler and fresher.

The decent sunshine is down to higher pressure settling in.

Bob Crampton working on his weather script in the newsroom. Credit: ITV West Country

Today's forecast from Bob

  • Monday

Today it will be very humid out there - moist air being pulled in. And that's brought the cloud. We keep that scenario until Thursday when it will turn fresher with some decent sunshine.

More immediately low pressure and high pressure are still at loggerheads. The high to the south though is robust enough to keep the rain front out. It will be bringing in moister air hence the cloudy conditions.

Today's belt of cloud becomes thicker and more widespread through the latter part of the afternoon and evening. Should remain dry at that time. But with moisture in the air there'll be mist and fog patches forming. On the coast, sea fog is a possibility. A very mild and humid night.

  • Tuesday

Tomorrow will start murky and a little bit damp in places. The cloud cover locked in. The mistiness will go but it's not until later in the afternoon that there are any signs of the sun getting through. Again the temperatures very similar to today's values.

  • Wednesday

Still the cloudy scenario for Wednesday. However it'll still be warm. It's looking better after that.

  • Thursday

We'll be dealt a good array of sunshine... even full-on sun in places on Thursday. It will also feel cooler again.