Bristol Council postpones arena update

The Brabazon hangar in Filton is one potential site for the arena. Credit: Bristol City Council

A Bristol City Council update on its arena project has been postponed after the contractor and operators suggested work could be cheaper than first thought.

The Council is currently deciding between two possible locations for the arena.

An update on the decision was on the Cabinet's agenda for its meeting on 3 July but has now been removed.

Earlier this month, reports by consulting firm KPMG suggested building the venue in Filton rather than next to Bristol Temple Meads station would help the council develop a diverse economy.

The contractor for a Temple Island arena says it could build the arena substantially cheaper than previously thought. Credit: Bristol City Council

Bristol's mayor Marvin Rees says the contractor for an arena on Temple Island has suggested it "could build the arena substantially cheaper and at no risk to Bristol City Council."

"In addition, the arena operators said they could improve their offer further and I have to consider these key factors.

“We have written direct to Buckingham and are in contact with Arena Island Ltd and have asked them both to clarify their offers. The Buckingham offer is particularly substantial as this could remove tens of millions of pounds of public borrowing from the real cost of developing on Temple Island.

"I would be ignoring my responsibilities to the city if I didn’t drive the best deal for the people of Bristol."

The 'Temple Island' site is one of two places being considered to build the arena. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Rees says the decision on where to build the arena will have a major long-term impact "for jobs, for economic growth and to maintain a vibrant city centre".

"I must ensure all options have been appropriately developed and considered."

A new date for discussion at Cabinet has not yet been confirmed.