Bristol mayor reveals latest position on Bristol Arena development

Temple Island is one of the preferred sites for the project. Credit: ITV West Country

The Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees told ITV West Country he is the man to deliver an arena for the city, but that he will not bankrupt the council to do so.

It follows the latest delay on where to build an arena following a new offer from the developer of the site at Temple Meads.

Work first began on clearing the site near Temple Meads back in 2003 - only to be abandoned four years later.In 2012, new mayor George Ferguson promised to resurrect plans to build a 12,000 seater arena there.

A multi-million pound bridge was then installed in 2015 at Temple Island, but remains the last significant milestone of the project.

At this stage costs were spiralling out of control - what was once estimated as £80million pounds, became £156million.

When Marvin Rees was elected as Mayor, he put the project on hold and ordered a review into where it should be built.

Earlier this month an accountant's report concluded it would be cheaper to build an arena at Filton, although millions of pounds would be needed to improve transport.

Rees said current contractors Buckingham are due to get back to the council about a contract with a cheaper offer.

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