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Bristol students raise £1,500 to send cleaner on holiday to Jamaica

Herman Gordon was delighted to be given £1,500 by students. Photo: Bristruths

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A Bristol University cleaner has been given £1,500 after students raised the money to send him on a holiday to Jamaica.

More than 200 people donated on the JustGiving page to help Herman Gordon, a man who they call "the epitome of happiness."

Students have been a fan of of Herman for a long time and love his positive attitude.

Herman Gordon is a clear at Bristol University. Credit: Bristruths

Five days after starting a campaign to raise the money the students reached the £1,500 mark.

Herman was clearly delighted to be given the gift, watch his reaction below...

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We did it! All of you amazing people managed to help a group raise £1500 so that Herman and his wife can travel to Jamaica this summer.

We are so proud that our page managed to help this and we hope Herman has an amazing time.

– Bristruths Facebook Page