Urgent need for blood as donations in the West Country drop during the hot weather

Blood donations have dropped because of the hot weather and England’s fantastic run in the football world cup. Credit: NHS Blood and Transplant

The World Cup and the recent heatwave have caused a drop in blood donations - leading to an urgent plea for donors.

Blood donation centres across the West Country are calling for more O Negative blood as stocks drop due to the warm weather days.

On normal warm weather days, blood donations have often been around 5% to 10% down on what was forecast according to the NHS.

Around the country, donations have significantly dropped on England’s match days, with a maximum drop of around 20% on Saturday as England beat Sweden.

The NHS says the combined effect has meant a loss of around 2,000 blood donations in the last two weeks.

That has left an urgent need for people with the valuable O negative group to donate at Bristol and Plymouth Donor Centres in the next few days.

Stock levels are low and will fall below three days as the hot weather continues.