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Burned snakes dumped in Cornwall

Credit: RSPCA

A snake has died and another was seriously injured after they were set on fire.

Members of the public found both corn snakes in different areas of Fraddon in Cornwall.

A man who was walking his dog near a static home park when he found one of the snakes in a pillowcase on June 21.

Credit: RSPCA

The snake was taken to a vet and we were amazed at the state of the snake, burns throughout its whole body.

It is sickening, upsetting and frustrating that someone could do this.

The snake sadly had to be put to sleep straight away to stop any more suffering.

Sadly this was the second snake to be discovered in the area, the first was collected earlier the same week and it also had some substance over its body.That snake thankfully survived and has been treated at a veterinary hospital and has now recovered.

– Peter Ferris, RSPCA exotics officer

RSPCA say they're experiencing widespread neglect of reptiles as more and more come into their care - as calls to the charity have increased by 20% in the past 5 years.

In 2017, 1,680 reptiles were collected by RSPCA officers.

The charity says there's a common misconception that snakes are hardy creatures.

However, they are dependant on their owners, needing the correct accommodation, heating and food to keep them healthy.