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Family rescued after getting trapped in sticky mud flats in North Somerset

Family caught out by the mudflats at Uphill beach. Credit: ITV West Country

Beach rescue teams in North Somerset are warning people of the dangers of the sea after taking part in a number of rescues at the weekend.

Two hovercraft were called out to rescue four adults and a child who became dangerously stuck in the mud on Weston beach.

They were also called out to help a family and their dog who were cut off by the tide.

Specialist vehicles are needed to cross the sticky mud flats. Credit: ITV West Country

Beaches in North Somerset are different to others because at low tide the sand and sea are separated by a huge plain of sticky mud which needs specialist vehicles to cross.

There's also another challenge in the huge difference between high and low tide with the Bristol Channel having the second highest tidal range in the world.

Two hovercraft were deployed to bring the family back to safety Credit: BARB

The concerns are that they had been out in very harsh heat without any water and the exertion of walking through the mud can lead to dehydration.

A little-known fact is that even in this heat you can also become cold and possibly hypothermic due to sweating from the effort of walking and then stopping and being covered in mud plus the windchill.

– BARB, Burnham Search and Rescue

Paramedics checked over the group to see if they were suffering from dehydration, but all they needed was a good shower.

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