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Warning after shark spotted in St Ives harbour

The 9ft-long blue shark was spotted in St Ives. Credit: Harry Hocking/Archie Picking

A large shark has been spotted in St Ives harbour in Cornwall, prompting safety warnings from experts.

The 9ft-long blue shark was filmed by Harry Hocking and Archie Picking:

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John Richardson of the Shark Trust said: ‘They are predominantly an oceanic, open water species, and not commonly found close to shore. But it is certainly not unprecedented to see one in such shallow waters. To see a free-swimming blue shark close to shore like this is a real privilege.

"If this shark remains in St Ives harbour, the Shark Trust advises people to give it plenty of space until it moves back offshore to its usual habitat.

"Due to the confined nature of the harbour, which could hinder the shark’s ability to naturally move away from disturbance, the trust strongly advises people not to get into the water with the shark."

The sighting comes as experts warn that warming seas may attract new species of shark.