Private tenancy evictions are the biggest cause for homelessness in the West Country, according to Shelter.

Jenni Burton, and her daughter Eryn, who lives in Cornwall, found themselves without a home after their landlord sold the property they had been renting for two years.

"It was really stressful when I got told he was going to sell the house... I just kind of started looking immediately for somewhere to live, it was upsetting because it was her [Eryn's] first home and I moved in when I was pregnant and I didn't think I'd have to move so soon, I thought I'd be in a better financial situation."

And Jenni is not alone, many in the West Country are unable to afford homes, and a chronic shortage of social housing - forces many to privately rent.

Luckily Jenni was able to move into her mother's home in Camborne, but not everyone has that option.

The housing charity Shelter - who are campaigning to stop involuntary homelessness - say longer tenancies need to be provided, and no fault evictions must end.

In the past week, Jenni and Eryn have managed to find a new home to rent.