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Residents still affected by flash flooding in Cornwall a year on

Cars were written off as water surged through the streets Credit: ITV West Country

Exactly one year on from devastating floods in Coverack in Cornwall, some residents still haven't been able to return home.

44 homes and businesses were damaged when a torrent of water swept through the Cornish village in July last year, caused by heavy rain.

Many people still live in wrecked properties with gardens full of debris.

Fridges and cookers are left in some residents gardens after being washed away Credit: ITV West Country

Many properties suffered structural damage and an emergency centre was opened up at the time to help residents who had become stranded.

A third of Mary Roberts' garden was destroyed in last July's floods.

A long dispute over the insurance payout for her garden repairs means little has changed since flood water wrecked part of her home.

I hate it I absolutely hate it I'd rather be anywhere but here at the moment. But I've got to live's horrible.

– Mary Roberts