Where's Home: young Cornish people forced to compromise their living conditions

21-year-old Lewis lives in a caravan due to a lack of affordable housing. Credit: ITV West Country
  • As part of our 'Where's Home' series, ITV News has been investigating the growing housing crisis across the country:

Young people are being forced to live in caravans due to a lack of affordable housing in their areas.

As places such as Cawsand Bay and the Rame Peninsula become known as major attractions to tourists and visitors, it creates a high demand for holiday homes, which send property prices spiralling.

The results can be so bad some Cornish young people have had to think outside the box when it comes to finding a place to live.

21-year-old Lewis now lives in a caravan.

Cawsand Bay draws thousands of visitors every summer, increasing demand for property. Credit: ITV West Country

Despite a project launched to convert a disused pub into more affordable flats, many young people in the area are still missing out.

Some say their own options are to compromise their living standards, or leave Cawsands for good.