• As part of our 'Where's Home' series, ITV News has been investigating the growing housing crisis across the country:

People living in Bristol are resorting to living in vehicles parked off the motorway because they are facing high house prices.

Despite many having full time jobs the cost of renting privately in the city has tripled in the last decade - making it unaffordable for some.

Bristol City Council estimates there are now around 200 people living in vans and caravans across the city.

House prices have risen faster in Bristol than in any other city in the country.

One of the main reasons is the rising cost of renting in the last five to ten years it's tripled pretty much and our wages haven't. We're both working fifty plus hours a week and we're struggling to cover the cost of rent and bills. It's completely changed our lives it's so much less stressful not having the constant worry about money.

Michael Gape, van dweller

average cost to rent a flat in Bristol.

Bristol City Council say they recognise there's a problem and aim to invest £200million pounds into building affordable homes over the next five years.

Bristol City Council say they will invest £200million pounds into building affordable homes. Credit: ITV West Country

Next year and the year after, we'll see probably the biggest number of homes completed in over a generation, but that's obviously a long term solution, so in the short term what we're seeing is people seeing vans, tents and sofas as their only option.

Cllr Paul Smith, Bristol City Council