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Calls for tougher sentences on those who carry knives

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The mother of a young man who died from stab wounds is calling for tougher sentences for those who carry knives.

Jordan Taylor, 25, died after a street fight in Trowbridge last year.

Hayden Maslen was given a 20-month sentence for carrying an offensive weapon, he said it was in self-defence.

Jordan Taylor, 25, died from stab wounds last year. Credit: Family photo

It comes after figures have shown knife crimes across the West Country are on the rise with a 16% increase since 2010.

offences involving knives across Avon and Somerset.
offences involving knives in Devon and Cornwall.

Police say it's easy for children to buy weapons online, so they're trying to crack down on shops and websites.

Forces across the country are also encouraging people to hand blades into a surrender bin to try and reduce the number of weapons on our streets.

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