A Plymouth mum-of-three has shared her top tips for keeping kids safe and hydrated during hot weather.

With the UK experiencing one of the hottest days of the year, mummy blogger Helen Copson spoke to ITV Westcountry about how she looks after her three boys Thomas, Isaac and Toby.

I think the main thing is just to have a bit of common sense really. Don't keep them outside in the midday sun, be sensible, give them a lot of water. Get creative about how you get water into them - ice lollies maybe, or frozen yoghurts are a good way to cool them down.

Helen Copson

Helen says she uses Factor 50 suncream and makes sure her boys are always wearing hats when they are outdoors.

She also recommends using blackout blinds to keep the sun out, and fans to cool the kids' rooms.

Helen writes about parenting at Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee.