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Summer of fun that gets you fit

Fun ways to keep fit at Plymouth Life Centre. Credit: ITV West Country

As figures reveal a quarter of children in the South West are classed as overweight or obese, there's a fresh appeal to keep kids active during the long summer holidays.

Plymouth's Life Centre offers daily sessions to encourage kids to keep fit and healthy, and to promote more involvement in sport.

Nothing like a few bunny hops to help you beat the summertime blues. Credit: ITV West Country

The aim is to get kids off the couch, leave their computers and games consoles behind and to enjoy some good old fashioned fun and games

The children at Plymouth Life Centre take part in a mix of activities throughout the day and also learn about healthy eating.

These are valuable life lessons as obesity rates continue to soar.

1 in 4
Children in the South West is overweight or obese
of children in the South West meet physical activity targets

According to Public Health England, 1 in 4 children in the South West is now classed as overweight or obese and just 13% meet the recommended level of physical activity.

  • Video report by Nick Smith