Round-the-world yachtsman Tony Bullimore has died

Credit: PA

World famous British sailor Tony Bullimore has died at the age of 79.

The yachtsman from Bristol is most well known for surviving for four days under his capsized yacht during the 1996 Vendée Globe single-handed around-the-world race.

On 5 January 1997, Bullimore's boat, the Exide Challenger capsized whilst he was sailing on the Antarctic Ocean.

Many people presumed that the then 57-year-old had died.

The sailor, often referred to as the British Bulldog, managed to survive after finding an air pocket in the upside-down boat.

Four days later an Australian Royal Naval ship, HMAS Adelaide, came to Tony's rescue after rescuing another Vendée Globe competitor from the ocean.

Here's the full report of when Bob Crampton met Tony Bullimore, exactly 20 years on from the fateful day his boat capsized:

As well as sailing professionally, Bullimore was a race relations advocate in Bristol.

Tony Bullimore set up The Bamboo Club in St Paul’s in 1966. It was the first social venue in Bristol to welcome the African-Caribbean community.

The club had international reputation, playing host to world famous acts like Bob Marley and Tina Turner.

Tony's family informed ITV News of Tony's passing after a battle with stomach cancer.

Tony met the Queen after surviving his boat capsizing in 1997. Credit: PA