Cornwall Council approves plans to build heliport in Penzance

Credit: ITV West Country

Cornwall Council has approved plans to build a heliport in Penzance.

The project has been the subject of widespread local controversy.

Helicopter flights to the islands from Penzance stopped in 2012 after the operators said it was losing money.

A new heliport was granted planning permission in February 2017 but that decision was challenged by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company which launched its own helicopter service from Land's End.

An Augusta Westland 139 could transport passengers from Penzance to the Isles. Credit: ITV West Country

The proposed heliport would include a terminal building, hangar and helicopter landing pad but would also require spaces for emergency vehicles and car parking.

If built, it is expected to run services seven days a week.

Some say it will bring in money and create jobs.

However, others are anxious about the possible environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Some people are anxious about the possible environmental impact of a heliport. Credit: ITV West Country