Historic church clock gets a golden makeover

A Devon village is marking the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War by renovating its church clock.

It was put up on St Peter and St Paul Church in Ermington near Ivybridge as a tribute to a soldier, Captain Rodney Gransmore, but in recent years it has started to look a little tired.

The hands and face have been given a fresh coat of gold leaf. The clock has also been fitted with an automatic winding device and pendulum regulator.

Before and after the work. Credit: ITV West Country

Smith of Derby, the company doing the work is the same company that fitted the clock in 1919.

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Locals have raised around £14,000 for its renovation.

Credit: ITV West Country

Little is known of Captain Gransmore - there are no known photos of him.

He was killed in 1915 during the Battle of Loos, in which more than 61,000 people lost their lives.

His family paid for the clock as well a plaque inside the church.

St Peter and St Paul Church now the work has been completed. Credit: ITV West Country

Now the clock has been restored you might be forgiven for thinking the spire needs some attention. Rest assured that it has always been crooked and always will be.