The increase in the popularity of electronic devices is causing children and families to spend less time outdoors with nature, according to a conservation charity.

The RSPB hope to encourage families to get closer to nature by launching a summer challenge.

The 'Wild Challenge' replaces the Wildlife Action Awards – an awards scheme for schools and families which has been running since 1988.

Children are spending more time on electronic devices than they are outdoors, according to a conservation charity. Credit: ITV West Country

The challenge involves two activities:

  • Help Nature - "making our gardens brilliant homes for nature and our outdoor spaces wonderfully wildlife-friendly"

  • Experience Nature - "getting up close and personal with wildlife and exploring the world of amazing nature right under our noses"

There are Gold, Silver andBronze awards for people who take part.

The aim is to help young people grow closer to their surroundings and adopt a passion for wildlife.

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