Foster care in the West Country is in crisis, according to local agency

An agency in Bristol claims foster care in the West Country is in crisis Credit: PA

The number of young people in need of a home is rising at its highest rate in 7 years, according to a Bristol-based foster care agency.

In the Bristol area alone there were over 194 requests for homes in the last week.

There is also a growing shortage of carers in the region. The number of people applying to foster has declined by almost a third, leaving many children in short-term placements without permanent homes.

In some cases - due to this shortage - children are being forced to return to places where they are at risk.

The number of people applying to become foster carers has declined by almost a third. Credit: ITV West Country

A Bristol agency which helps to find homes for young people is urgently appealing for more foster carers.

They say that anyone can be a foster carer as long as they have the love to provide, the patience to work through challenges and the dedication.

They stress that neither age, ethnicity, marital status or disability status determine your suitability to become a carer.

You just need to have the time, energy and a spare room to provide a home for a young person.

They will also consider the following things:

- Your legal and personal references- Your eligibility to work in the UK- Your health background and family lifestyle- Your parenting skills and experience caring for children- Your ability to provide a nurturing environment

If you have the qualities needed and would like to provide a home for a young person in our region, Amicus would love to hear from you.

Telephone: 0117 955 5039 Email: enquiries@amicusfostercare.comWebsite:

Address: St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9TJ