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Beach hut renters must buy their huts or risk losing them

1 in 8 beach huts in Paignton are rented out by the Council. Credit: ITV West Country

People who rent beach huts in Paignton are outraged after being told by the Council that they must buy their huts or risk losing them.

1 in 8 huts in Paignton are rented from the Council. It is looking at ending this service in a bid to save money.

The Council has valued them solely on their location and not their condition.

The value of a beach hut in a prime beachfront location.
The beach huts in prime locations have been valued by the Council at £500. Credit: ITV West Country

This has angered people who rent out huts that need a lot of maintenance work. Alan Holmes rents two, both in different conditions.

He told ITV News: "They've made an arbitrary decision that they'll all be worth £500, which to me that's ridiculous."

Alan Holmes rents two huts in Paignton and believes they should be valued on their condition. Credit: ITV West Country

The Council responded to these concerns and has announced that they will re-assess the process of buying the huts. A new date has been proposed, extending the time renters have to make offers on their huts.

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