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Father 'marks and grades' letter sent to him by Devon County Council

Daniel, his wife Samantha and their two children on holiday. Credit: Daniel Moore

A father from Exmouth has 'marked and graded' a letter sent to him by the Head of Education in Devon.

Daniel Moore and his wife were sent the letter, fining them £60 for taking their son on a family holiday to Majorca for a week.

The father-of-two posted a copy of the letter on social media, with the corrections circled in red pen and a D minus 'must try harder' grade.

A copy of the letter sent to the family with the errors highlighted in red. Credit: Daniel Moore / Facebook
Mr Moore gave the council a D- 'must try harder' grade for the letter. Credit: Daniel Moore / Facebook

He said he is not a "spelling guru or typing expert" but the woman in charge of children’s education should not have sent a letter with so many errors.

Mr Moore says he will pay the fine but will also be sending Devon County Council the letter with the corrections he has made.

The local authority has apologised for the "embarrassing error" and said it would be taking steps to make sure it won't happen again.

A council spokesperson said "We have been trialling a new IT printing system and a number of mistakes were unfortunately not picked up before this letter was despatched."