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Banksy artwork in Clevedon?

Credit: banksy / Instagram

A new stencil by Banksy is believed to have popped up in Clevedon near where the mysterious artist grew up.

The artwork, is seen to be painted onto a triangular hazard warning road sign, depicting two youngsters carrying the older generation on their backs.

Banksy's message behind the work remains unclear - but it has been confirmed as an authentic piece after it was uploaded to the artist's official Instagram account, which has more than 2.4 million followers.

However some people are saying Banksy's latest artwork isn't actually just the road sign but the entire photo, as someone has taken a photo of what seems to be the site, but the lamp post appeared to have no road sign. Others say the sign might have been taken away.

The last time Banksy hit Bristol was during the last General Election, when he offered a free print to anyone who voted against the Tories, but the controversial offer was retracted after a few days.

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