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Call for 40mph speed limit on all Dartmoor and Exmoor roads

Campaigners want to slow drivers down to save the lives of moorland animals Credit: ITV West Country

A petition calling for Devon County Council to lower speed limits on open moorland has gained more then 6,000 signatures.

Much of Dartmoor and Exmoor operate 40 mph zones, but there are concerns that drivers on unrestricted roads still pose a threat to livestock and wildlife.

133 animals were killed on Dartmoor's roads last year, and 113 deaths have occurred so far this year.

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The petition, which has been launched by a member of Dartmoor Speedwatch is hoping to reduce the speeds on some of the minor, unrestricted roads from 60 mph down to 40 mph to bring them in line with most of the moor.

However, even in restricted areas, many drivers are still choosing to exceed the limit.

In June this year, a motorist was clocked at going 128 mph in a 40 mph zone near Burrator.