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Beatboxing vicar hopes to get world behind the talent

Gavin Tyte is a regular in church - and in the recording studio Photo: ITV News

It isn't something you hear every day - a beatboxing vicar from Chard in Somerset is making waves across the globe.

Gavin Tyte is so well-respected that he recently judged at the World Championships in Berlin and is even creating a tool to help teach beatboxing to people, no matter what language they speak.

His combination of ministry and music saw him hit the headlines a few years ago thanks to his unique version of the Nativity story. Whether it's for his faith, in the car, or at home Gavin's rarely not making some noise.

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I beatbox all the time. I love beatboxing, I love the magic of it. When somebody goes [BEATBOXES] you're like: "Wow, how'd you do that, how'd you do that?"

– Gavin Tyte

Gavin's beatboxing life has been busy of late from judging at the World Championships, to creating BzzKtt, a website with lessons and icons to describe sounds.

There's no doubt that Gavin Tyte is the West Country's Reverend of Rhythm.