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Water vole found washed up on Burnham beach

Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

This poorly water vole has been nursed back to full health after it was found collapsed in Burnham-On-Sea.

It's thought the creature was washed out to sea from the river mouth and got caught in the tidal waves.

Secret World Rescue, who took in the vole last month, say they were shocked that it had managed to make its way to the shore.

We did a full check on it immediately, gave it a warm bath and administered some much-needed fluids. We named him Walter! Thankfully, he pulled through and after some recuperation in his own swimming pool at Secret World, we successfully released him on Saturday.

– Dan Bryant, Senior Animal Carer at Secret World
Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Three facts you might not know about water voles:

  • They are shy mammals and have been in decline for several years.
  • Ratty in Wind in the Willows is actually a water vole.
  • Water voles eat 80% of their own body weight every day.