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What's the weather got in store for the West Country this weekend?

The sky looked pretty dramatic over Trowbridge this week - but what about the weekend? Credit: James Russell

After yesterday morning's downpours it eventually brightened up, and we'll hold onto some of that fine weather through today. However the weekend looks slightly different thanks to a storm that's moving in across the Atlantic.

Don't worry though, it's expected to brush across the northern half of the UK, but it will bring some cloud and some warm air for Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures and cloud often combine to give a humid feel and that's what's on the cards for the West Country.

Satellite image of the cloud cover over the West Country ahead of the weekend. Credit: NASA

The cloud will also give a few spots of rain, but there will be some sunshine breaking through from time to time.

So, not the best weekend of weather we've seen lately, but not as wet as last weekend either!