Disability charity takes on Drake's dance craze

Paul's Place, a club that caters for disabled people from Bristol and the former Avon area, has come up with a version of the 'Kiki Challenge' which has gone viral on the internet.

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The Kiki Challenge, also known as the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, involves a volunteer who opens the passenger door of a moving car and proceeds to dance alongside it to the opening lines of Drake's 'In My Feelings', from his latest album, Scorpion.

It was started by the comedian Shiggy but has been taken up by many others, including the actor and rapper Will Smith and singer and actress Ciara.

The challenge has led to concerns about car safety but there were no safety issues for members and staff at Paul's Place efforts. They took on the idea using to their stationary minibus in the car park in Coalpit Heath.

We did it for a giggle. We've been watching videos of the 'Kiki Challenge' and we thought that we can show that we can do it just as well.

Michele Thame, Paul's Place