'Too many' motorcyclists are dying on Devon and Cornwall roads, police say

There are 'too many' fatalities on roads in Devon and Cornwall, according to Police. Credit: ITV West Country

There are 'far too many' motorcyclist collisions and fatalities on Devon and Cornwall roads, according to Police.

Nine riders have lost their lives since the beginning of 2018.

Devon and Cornwall Police are urging riders and car drivers to pay more attention to safety.

One reason for the rise in fatalities is wearing inappropriate riding gear, dangerous overtaking and car drivers not checking their mirrors.

Here are some safety tips from Devon and Cornwall Police:

  • Wear appropriate clothing - including gloves, boots and leathers.

  • Don't ride beyond your own capabilities.

  • Don't take chances.

  • Be observant and look for the unexpected.

Devon and Cornwall Police are telling riders to ensure they wear appropriate clothing and don't take chances on the roads. Credit: ITV West Country

Police biker Sergeant Olly Tayler told ITV News that they 'still get far too many collisions and fatalities.'

He said: 'Don't take chances, it just isn't worth it. Just because something has happened the same time on the same piece of road 100 times before it doesn't mean the next time the same thing is going to happen again."

Police biker Sergeant Olly Tayler told ITV News 'There are times when you get a very sobering reminder of the fragility of life as a motorcyclist.' Credit: ITV West Country