A church in Chippenham has launched a pop-up foodbox to help parents struggling to feed their children during the school holidays.

St. Peter's Church is using leftover food donated by supermarkets.

The local Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Morrisons have all contributed to the scheme.

Nearly 100,000 children in the West Country are eligible for free school meals during term-time.

In the summer holidays thousands of families struggle to feed their children so rely on food banks to help.

Reverend Andrew Gubbins from the church is surprised at how successful the scheme has been.

He told ITV News: "I was worried we wouldn't get the message out. We've been delighted in one sense that people have heard about us and aren't scared to come."

We've had 20 families use us. Now I would think up to 75 people - 40 of those would be children.

Rev Andrew Gubbins, St. Peter's Church, Chippenham
The Vinden family struggle to make ends meet during the school holidays and have been using the foodbox to help make their money stretch further. Credit: ITV West Country

The Vinden family are just one of many who struggle to make ends meet in the school holidays.

Sabrina works irregular hours on a low income, and Paul only recently lost his job.

We've always got bills going out, we've always got things we need for the children, be it clothes, be it food. So we very rarely have anything left for being able to take them out on days out, anything like that. So the holidays are very stressful, because they're at home all the time. We can't afford to go anywhere.

Sabrina Vinden

She told ITV News that being able to use the pop-up foodbox allows the family to make their money 'stretch that little bit further'.

The foodbox will run until the end of August for the remainder of the school holidays.