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Taking your GCSEs after a brain injury

Alex fractured his skull, an eye socket and was left with a bleed on the brain Credit: Family photo

Doing a set of GCSEs is pressure enough for any teenager so imagine doing them if you've missed nearly three months of Year 11 to recover from a brain injury.

Alex Davis, a pupil at Bedminster Down School in Bristol is a talented footballer, but will never play again after a match last November.

Playing as goalkeeper in a Cheltenham Town Academy game, the 15-year-old was kicked in the head.

Doctors at Bristol Children's Hospital found he'd fractured his skull, broken his eye socket, which caused his brain to start bleeding.

He was admitted to emergency surgery and is put in an induced coma before having his broken skull reinforced with metal plates.

Nine months later the teenager went to pick up his GCSE results.

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Clearly delighted Alex tells ITV News he got four nines, three eights and an A*.

His results mean college is around the corner, and university on the horizon after overcoming the biggest challenge of his life.

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