85-year-old man heads back down Cornwall mines after starting work at the age of 14

85-year-old Arthur Northey worked as a Kettle Boy near St Austell from the age of 14. Credit: ITV West Country

An 85-year-old man is leading tours of Cornwall's mining heritage in St Austell after starting work as a Kettle Boy at the age of 14.

After finding a photograph of his father also working in the industry, Arthur Northey has decided at nearly 86 years old to become a volunteer at Wheal Martyn China Clay works in Cornwall.

He left school and started work in the mining industry at 14 years old.

It was the job of a Kettle Boy to take care of miners, put pasties in the oven, boil the kettle and keep the lodges clean.

Arthur now leads children's tours at Wheal Martyn Clay Works in Cornwall. Credit: ITV West Country

Arthur now wants to share his knowledge with the next generation.

He now leads a new children's trail at the works explaining the job of a Kettle Boy.