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Plymouth tenants 'living in fear' after tower block fire

Firefighters were called to the blaze in Barne Barton Photo: ITV News

Residents in Plymouth have told ITV News they are 'living in fear' after a fire broke out in a block of flats.

One tenant was pulled from his top floor flat in Savage Road, Barne Barton, with several others treated for smoke inhalation.

Now questions are being asked about the building's safety.

Adrian Pope was rescued by firefighters Credit: ITV News

"I was laying on my bed and I heard my partner and my neighbours screaming 'There's a fire, get out', like that. My flat's filling up with smoke, I ran around trying to close the windows because it's all coming in. But there was smoke coming through the bottom of my door. The fire brigade came in, got a ladder and rescued me from my balcony 'cause I couldn't get out. The smoke was really intense, thick black smoke. It was horrible. Just thank God the fireman came and rescued me."

– Resident Adrian Pope

Nobody was seriously hurt in the blaze, but 30 residents were evacuated and sent to a nearby respite centre to wait for temporary accommodation.

The authorities are working to establish the cause of the fire, but residents believe it is the latest in a string of arson attacks.

An investigation is underway. Credit: ITV News

"Our staff were at the block of flats in Savage Road, Barne Barton, this morning, supporting residents who were safely evacuated from the fire. All residents will be found accommodation, any items they reasonably need will be provided. We will work with the fire service and our internal fire safety experts to identify the cause of the fire. We would also like to thank the fire fighters who attended for their service."

– Sanctuary Housing

"At present the exact circumstances as to how the fire began are subject to investigation by fire and police. This was a major incident and I would praise the swift response of all of the emergency services and partner agencies. We are very thankful that there were a low number of casualties and injuries were minor. Residents are being cared for at the respite centre and we are grateful for their co-operation at this difficult time."

– Acting Superintendent Rob Mooney, Devon and Cornwall Police

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