Cornwall Council is cracking down on parents and guardians who park illegally outside schools.

This includes parking or waiting on yellow keep clear and zig zags areas. Doing so can attract a £70 fine.

The council says the move is in response to an increase in the number of schools reporting problems.

Now we're absolutely certain outside of our schools that they [the fines] are legally enforceable and we intend to do that if it becomes a problem. So if schools are reporting to us that there's still an issue then we'll actually get enforcement officers in, and people will find they get fixed penalty notices.''

Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council

The Highway Code already forbids parking, waiting or dropping off on yellow zig zags outside schools, but the council says people manage to get off using loopholes like missing signage as an excuse.

I think that's fair because you can't really put a price on a child's safety and they also provide parking passes to use at the Heron centre, which is free so if you can't park legally, then yes, you deserve to get fined.''


Number plate recognition systems could also be introduced if the problem persists at schools.