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Sister of tragic Devon girl 'told off' over charity haircut

Katelyn Ball now has short hair Photo: Family picture

A Devon schoolgirl who cut her hair off in memory of her sister has been told the new style does not conform to uniform policy.

12-year-old Katelyn Ball's sister, Keira, nine, died following a traffic collision in West Buckland last summer.

Katelyn had her long blonde hair cut short at the North Devon Show in August in aid of the Little Princess Trust and the InspiredbyKeira charity.

But when Katelyn returned to South Molton School this week, she was reportedly warned that her appearance was inappropriate.

Now parents Joe and Loanna Ball have temporarily pulled Katelyn and her sister, Keely, 13, from the South Molton school.

Katelyn had her hair cut by Max Johnson, who received her sister's heart Credit: Family picture

The head teacher raised his voice and talked over me. He said this is an 'extreme hairstyle' and not acceptable. The school should not be telling her off, they should be praising her and promoting individuality. She is extremely upset.

– Loanna Ball, Katelyn's mum

10-year-old Max Johnson was saved by a heart transplant from Keira - and Max travelled down to Devon last month to cut Katelyn's hair.

South Molton School have released a statement in response.

Katelyn used to have long hair Credit: Family picture

At no point were any of the family shouted at and a reasonable compromise was suggested to parents. The suggestion made was that no sanctions would be taken, but we would expect her to grow out her hair over the next term, as it naturally would.This would then conform to school policy. The school is always supportive of any charity work that our students undertake.

– South Molton School

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