A group of volunteer beach cleaners have hung out more than 60 items of abandoned clothing on a beach to raise awareness of the risks they pose to wildlife.

Members of the Friends of Portheras Cove community group carried out daily litter-picks throughout the summer holidays and collected more than 60 pieces of clothing that had been left by visitors.

The group are warning the public that clothing items are just as dangerous to wildlife as plastic pollution. Credit: Friends of Portheras Cove

They found:

  • 29 socks

  • 1 wetsuit

  • 8 pieces of underwear

  • 5 hats

  • 5 pairs of shorts

  • 4 swimming costumes

  • 3 t-shirts

Volunteers also collected shoes, scarves and other clothing accessories.

The group often find these items when carrying out beach-cleans and chose to display the results to make people aware that they are just as harmful as plastic pollution.

The resident grey seals in the area are currently starting pupping season, so the group are especially urging members of the public to keep debris from getting into the sea at this time.