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Plymouth secondary school bans mobile phones so that pupils talk to each other more

A secondary school in Plymouth has introduced a 'phone free zone' throughout the entire school day. Credit: ITV West Country

A secondary school in Plymouth has banned mobile phones in an effort to encourage students to talk to one another more.

They want young people to engage more in conversation during break-times and build good relationships, away from the distraction of technology.

Coombe Dean school believes their new phone free zone will also improve learning, with students spending less time in class on their devices.

Pupils' phones must be switched off from 8.40am to 3pm as soon as they enter through the school gates.

The school's website says: "Students' phones must be switched off and packed away in bags. They must not be seen, heard or used in the PHONE FREE ZONE."

The phone ban is already having a positive impact, with pupils engaging in more conversation during break-times. Credit: ITV West Country

The rule is already having a positive impact on pupils, according to the school.

Special Needs Coordinator, Natasha Dulson, said: "Just from these couple of days, I've been walking around at lunchtime and seeing that children are actually talking to each other."

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